Racer Dimitri Coste Shares His Experience Racing the S2 Del Mar® in ❄️

Deus France sparked a brilliant idea – a Winter Swank Rally in the French Alps. I instantly saw it as the perfect chance to put the S2 Del Mar to the test in icy conditions and to see how she handles cold weather and a challenging track with reduced grip. Read below for my first-hand experience of the event! - Dimitri Coste

Preparing the S2 Del Mar for mountain conditions was the initial step. I swapped in a special set of knobby rubber and removed the license plate bracket, signals, passenger footrests, and mirrors. These subtle changes unveiled an even more alluring stance as the slick minimal look and knobbies complemented the motorcycle perfectly. The finishing touch involved painstakingly screwing around 300 studs into the tire knobs to ensure a firm grip on the ice.

I loaded up in my van and embarked on a 7-hour drive to the French Alps. Unfortunately, upon arrival, I found the weather had been too warm, and the ice track wasn't frozen anymore. The snow was melting, but my spirits were high. 

The next morning was dedicated to practice, a simple and immensely enjoyable concept. A chronograph at the start and finish allowed riders to time their own laps, a very efficient process enabling plenty of seat time. The snow, though relatively solid, developed deep ruts quickly, adding a sketchy element to the morning practice, but the S2 Del Mar performed confidently. During a small uphill section, most riders struggled with grip and got stuck midway. I engaged the Flat Track mode on the bike (disabling traction control and ABS) and embarked on my first lap. It was exhilarating! Navigating around stuck riders on the uphill, the bike showcased incredible traction. Despite the bike's weight and the unconventional choice of tires, the power delivery and throttle smoothness were exceptional. This captured a lot of attention amongst the racers and the S2 Del Mar created plenty of buzz being the sole EV motorcycle at the event.  

Approximately 50 riders from Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, and the UK participated, creating a laid-back atmosphere with fragile egos, just good vibes. Laughs and fun took precedence over the trophy hunt. In between heats, we all gathered for generous servings of raclette and bench racing. 

The evening session featured more self-timed laps and an abundance of light-hearted competition. Wet shoes didn't dampen spirits as we were too engrossed in the enjoyment. The melting snow transformed the track into a more manageable slushy surface, making the laps more enjoyable and less hazardous. Despite the diminishing usefulness of the tire studs, we pressed on. The bike exhibited remarkable efficiency, showcasing surprising off-road capabilities. Going sideways, throwing massive snow roosts, leaving the start grid faster than any other bike, all while maintaining absolute confidence. It was the star of the show. 
The ideal and yet peaceful weapon of choice.

At the close of the event, I powered down the bike, and noticed it still had 50% battery left as I loaded it into my van. Bike secured, I joined my fellow racers for a hearty tartiflette time, drinks, and more bench racing. I'll never forget this experience!


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