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LiveWire is soulful by design, transforming the everyday into urban adventure and beyond. Building a future for riders differentiated by look, sound, and feel.

Our vision is to create the next generation of motorcycles with products and experiences that combine the simplicity of EVs with the soulful connection that comes from an analog machine.

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Zen and the Art of EV

A rider, flowing through the city, experiencing a moment of singular thrill, now has a new experience: a connection to the world around them. Once you stop, experience new sensations in the absence of heat, vibration, and noise. The art of EV provides for a positive connection to everything around you, elevating the moment, the environment, and the experience.

Experience Explained
Jon B.


Immersion From Simplicity

LiveWire ONE and S2 Del Mar offer immediate and linear power, eliminating the need to shift gears and operate a clutch. The single-speed transmission allows for a stable connection to the road, resulting in increased rider confidence, and the absence of a clutch makes stalling a thing of the past.

The simplicity of its interface makes for an almost immediate connection that quickly becomes second nature.

Confidence From Technology

Intuitive technology monitors, measures, and anticipates change, while you simply enjoy the ride. The intelligence of our bikes makes for a safe and composed system of rider aids, enabling you to focus on everything around you from the ride to the world you're moving through.

A Bike With a Pulse

Haptic Explained
Brad R.


LiveWire surpasses the sensations of combustion with a haptic heartbeat from our patented technology—adding humanity to electricity. Choose from three settings, and let the bike come alive.

When at rest, the haptic pulse from the powertrain reminds you that LiveWire ONE is always ready - just one of the meticulously thought-out features that sets it apart as an electric motorcycle.

Elevated Focus and Connection

LiveWire bikes are designed and built to let you connect with your environment and immerse fully in the present moment. Eliminating distractions, the intelligence and responsive nature of LiveWire means motorcycling has rediscovered its soul.

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