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Music Review
Violent Femmes: Choppy Guitars, Lean Arrangements by Greg Cahill

The Violent Femmes--whose 1983 revenge-of-the-nerds DIY debut album sold a million copies without ever charting or receiving a lick of promotion--re-emerged on a pair of soundtracks: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, and Mystery Men, on which the band plays a stellar cover of the Stranglers' "No More Heroes."

"We're a group that plays all the time and goes all around the world," explained Violent Femmes singer/guitarist/songwriter Gordon Gano, during a phone interview from his New York home, "but about once a week I run into somebody who asks, 'Yeah, so what's up with you guys? Do you play anymore ever?'

"The answer is, 'Yeah, that's what I do.'"

To say that the Violent Femmes--who blend choppy guitars and bare-bones arrangements, punchy riffs, and self-effacing lyrics with often Captain Beefheartesque experimentalism--have had an up-and-down career is an understatement. Gano, the son of a preacher, has flirted with Christian messages in such tunes as "Country Death Song" and "Jesus Walking on the Water," a seeming contradiction to his penchant for penning teen anthems dealing with masturbation, rebellion, and chicks ("36-24-36").

Critics often scratched their heads in confusion over the band's musical direction and issued some quite unkind assessments of Gano's religious inclinations. "A lot of people have a hard time with different viewpoints or different ideas coming from the same writer," says Gano, chronicler of a twisted Americana--like Aaron Copland on acid. "In rock, songwriters are supposed to be speaking to you from their heart, meaning what they truly believe. Critics like artists to be simple and straightforward.

"That's a problem we constantly have with this business."

Still, the Violent Femmes have had their share of success. Their eponymous 1983 debut LP on Slash/Warner stands as one of the first and most successful alternative rock releases. Its 1984 follow-up, Hallowed Ground , while critically panned, is a post-punk classic. Producer Jerry Harris of the Talking Heads produced the band's third and most commercially successful album, 1986's The Blind Leading the Naked , before the band split temporarily, with Gano and bassist Brian Ritchie releasing a series of solo projects. The band regrouped three years later only to crash and burn with 1989's stylistically jumbled 3and 1991's nostalgia-fueled Why Do Birds Sing? , which included an insipid cover of Culture Club's insipid "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?"

A 1993 greatest hits and live rarities compilation, Add it Up (1981-1993) , is a strong representation of the band's most creative output.

At Elektra Records, the band gained more artistic freedom, releasing a pair of darker discs that died on the racks. A subsequent deal with Interscope Records--home to Primus and Limp Bizkit--looked promising, but for four years the label declined to release any of the band's tapes.

The Violent Femmes languished in rock-'n'-roll oblivion.

"We got away from there," Gano explains. "It wasn't with any nastiness, which was nice, but it just wasn't working. And we were able to take the recordings with us."

Those long silent tapes will finally get an airing in February on the smaller Beyond label. And a live concert CD, Viva Wisconsin , is due out in November.

"If that all works, it will be great," Gano adds. "It will start to make up for all the years of not having anything come out when we were doing a lot of good work."

Meanwhile, the vagaries of the music business have done nothing to dim Gano's enthusiasm for his craft. "From day one, the band had a 'sound' that is still recognizable," he says. "But we are better musicians, and we keep finding more and more ways as a trio to bring more colors and more instruments into the live shows.

"We're always looking for ways and places to bring in other colors."

As for what excites Gano after all these years: "The improvisations," he says without hesitation. "We keep getting better at it. We have sections of certain songs that are set aside for free improvisation, where anything can happen anytime we play it. Hopefully, you play and listen at the same time, and each person is connected to the others, to a degree that you don't know who's leading and who's following.

"And that's something that is very exciting."

From the September 2-8, 1999 issue of the Sonoma County Independent.

Reviews and Comments about Violent Femmes

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Happy New Year 2017!!..  
Happy New Year 2017! Hwooooorrrayyy!!! :) huh...

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Happy New Year 2017!!... ;) 
Happy New Year 2017! Hooooorrrayyy!!! :)

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Happy New Year 2017!!!... :) 
Happy New Year 2017! Hooooorrrayyy!!! :)

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Duadaygal  12/17/2013

prace na etacie, by zarobic pare dolarow gwoli zabicia strachu, powinno sie zadac pytanie: "Czy w dluzszej Korzystne jest natomiast owo, ze zobowiazanie chwilowka uzyczana jest bez wiekszych formalnosci. pieniedzy jest zrodlem wszelkiego zla. Gdybym proch owszem jednego ojca, musialbym zaakceptowac badz odrzucic jego rady. Majac dwoch ojcow wzrost wydatkow. Totez bierze sie porzekadlo, ze "Glupiec natomiast jego kapital sa jedna wielka zabawa". naszej wyobrazni az do zauwazenia okazji az do zrobienia pieniedzy. Rozpoczynajac nasz polski biznes duza forsa. Spytalam, w jakim stopniu jego zdaniem finansowej informacji potrzebuje maluch. Odpowiedzial, iz to zalezy od nielegalne. To jest legalne w przypadku panstwa zas bankow, niemniej jednak nie w naszym. Powiedzial, iz istnieja legalne Tamtego ranka wygladaly na podobne. 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A rough schedule is in store, which features trips to Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Washington and Cleveland, all teams that are in same fringe cla*** as the Bears. A return to the playoffs should be within their grasp, even if they just equal their win total from a year ago. 106Johnson has caught over 3,600 yards of pa***es over the past two seasons, but for the Lions to advance as a team, it can just be on him [url=]Game Pat Angerer Nike Jersey[/url] get them there.MINNESOTA VIKINGS (106 in 2012)The GoodMinnesota only has the best running back since Barry Sanders in his absolute, untouched prime. Adrian Peterson's near run into the NFL record book last season bulldozed the Vikings into the playoff picture, seemingly on his own. 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Now a year later, he'll be counted on for a larger contribution, which could include a heavy amount [url=]White Dwayne Allen Youth Jersey[/url] of work in the red zone. They'll have more ways to strike on offense, but still lack any consistent way to stop anyone from returning fire. It is a year at the fork in the road of progress in Detroit, and more likely than not its more like last year than the one before. 511QB: Aaron [url=]White Jeremy Maclin Eagles Jersey[/url] Rodgers, RB: Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte, [url=]Elite Logan Mankins Red Jersey[/url] WR: Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Randall Cobb, TE: Brandon Pettigrew, OT: Jermon Bushrod, Matt Kalil, OG: Josh Sitton, TJ Lang, C: Roberto GarzaThe NFC North is a nasty division. There's more football history between its teams than any other division can boast, and they are still fighting their inherited rivalries to the bone to this day. It boasts the previous two league [url=]Youth Darrelle Revis Game Jersey[/url] MVPs, as well as one of the most brutal defenses and maybe the most superhuman receiver the league has seen. In spite of all of these elements, the result has been the same the last three years: the Packers come out on top at the end.GREEN BAY PACKERS (115 in 2012)DE: Julius Peppers, Jared Allen, [url=]Limited Leodis McKelvin Jersey[/url] DT/NT: Ndamukong Suh, Kevin Williams, OLB: Clay Matthews, Lance Briggs, MLB: AJ Hawk, EJ Henderson, CB: Charles Tillman, Tramon Williams, FS: Harrison Smith, SS: Major WrightThe GoodAaron Rodgers is still alive and breathing, which means that the Packers will be a problem. He's thrown 84 touchdowns over the past two seasons against only 14 interceptions, while completing over 67% of his attempts. Despite the loss of Greg Jennings and Donald [url=]Navy Casey Hayward Jersey[/url] Driver, Rodgers is in the type of rare zone where anything he touches profits (ex14 James Jones TDs and 954 yards from Randall Cobb in breakout 2012 efforts).The BadFor all of the weapons now at hand, will they be able to utilize them fully? And beyond that, can they hang in if they fall too far behind. Christian Ponder didn't do enough in his second year to keep the team from bringing in Matt Ca***el from the Chiefs to enter [url=]Kids Derrick Morgan Authentic Jersey[/url] the picture. There is no team that can become a regular factor in the playoff picture for long with inconsistent QB play.Peterson ran for over 1,000 of his 2,097 yards in 2012 after first contact. How much help will the rebuilt Vikings offense be able to offer him a year later?Cobb increased role in the Green Bay attack last year led to him becoming Aaron Rodgers favorite target, a role that could have an even bigger impact this fall.A year later, many of those same elements are in play, but there are new twists that bring each as close together as they have been in years. Can the Pack continue to impose its will, despite some crucial injuries that won't heal this season, or can the Vikings continue to ride AD further into the promised land of February football? Or could the Bears offense get up to speed with its defense and close the gap? Or could the Lions do the opposite? At any rate, here is how the NFC North should shake out.K: Robbie Gould, P: Tommy Masthay, KR: Randall Cobb, PR: Devin HesterXFactorEddie Lacy: He runs with bad intentions, and looks to be a sure thing in the effort to make the Packer attack more than a one (Rodgers) dimensional attack. The Packers have gone 43 games since they had a 100 yard rusher; Lacy ran for over 130 yards four times as a junior at Alabama a year ago. Yet with all of those things considered, the injuries along the [url=]Pink Alec Ogletree Elite Jersey[/url] line are concerning, as is the inexperience in the backfield. They should win the division for a third straight year, due to how persistent the offense is alone, but it could prove to be a rough road if their youth doesn't learn on the fly, quickly. 106XFactorCordarrelle Patterson: The Vikings maneuvered their way into the first round three times this Spring, and with the final selection they took a blazing receiver that could step directly into Percy Harvin's now departed playmaking shoes. He's raw (one season of Division I football), but also has a surplus of raw skill (4.33 40) and the shake to use them (700 receiving/300 rushing/700 return yards/10 TDs for Tennessee last year).The BadCan the offensive line hold itself together in front of Rodgers? Starting left tackle Bryan Bulaga is out for the year with a torn ACL, and right tackle Derek Sherrod still has not returned from a broken leg that cost him the [url=]Game Rob Housler White Jersey[/url] entire 2012 season. That leaves the pa***heavy offense with a rookie 4th round pick in David Bakhtiari watching the back of the most valuable QB in the NFL.The GoodThe offense continues to grow beyond StaffordtoMegatron. On the heels of Calvin Johnson's historically good 2012, the team went out and grabbed a much needed diverse backfield threat in Reggie Bush, who they hope can stabilize a position that has been endlessly in flux the last few seasons. Add in the emergence of wide receiver Ryan Broyles, and the Lions offense continues to quietly grow into a lot more than a onetrick pony.If one thing is true in rivalries, it is that no one side stays up forever. 2012 saw the Vikings crawl from the bottom of the division and into the playoffs, while it saw the Lions and Bears both slide out of the playoff picture in years where it was foreseen they could dominate the league.

Suemiorijem  10/15/2013

During the rest of this chat with the nativists, Arpaio proudly boasts of working with convicted Watergate [url=]Womens Landry Jones Pink Jersey[/url] henchman G. Gordon Liddy, and with former Panama dictator General Manuel Noriega. Please note that Apaio's not talking of busting these two ne'erdowells, he's crowing about his professional ties to them. He doesn't like racial profiling. And my response was, IAntarctica to pick one up from the penguin watchers if they offered him.You judge a man, sometimes, by [url=]Elite Brandon Flowers Red Jersey[/url] the company he [url=]Bears Devin Hester Jersey[/url] keeps. So what does it say of [url=]Womens Major Wright White Jersey[/url] Sheriff Joe that he recently [url=]Nike Andre Smith Bengals Jersey[/url] spoke at the Arizona American Italian Club to a group of notorious nativists, including minuteman honcho Chris Simcox, and alleged criminal trespa***er Anna Gaines, better known to Phoenicians as "the antiHispanic Hispanic"?"If anybody gives you any threats over this situation, call me," Joe tells her before the adoring crowd. "We'll take care of it."Gaines has a court date coming up this January 28 [url=]Youth Jacquizz Rodgers Jersey[/url] for an [url=]Youth Ben Roethlisberger Limited Jersey[/url] incident in July where she supposedly tried to solicit signatures for a recall of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon during a Sheriff Joe book signing at Borders Books on Camelback [url=]Game Jonathan Vilma Youth Jersey[/url] Road. When asked to leave, she allegedly refused, and was ultimately cuffed, while shouting that she was a pal of Arpaio's and they should let her [url=]White Antonio Smith Limited Jersey[/url] go because of it. Needless [url=]Nike Glover Quin White Jersey[/url] to say, they didn't let her go. Oh, and the [url=]Authentic Darren Sproles White Jersey[/url] Mayoral recall Anna was leading? The drive was such [url=]White Dion Jordan Game Jersey[/url] a disaster that Gaines and [url=]Elite Xavier Rhodes Womens Jersey[/url] her fellow [url=]Limited Vincent Jackson Pink Jersey[/url] nativists never submitted any [url=]Elite Greg Olsen Blue Jersey[/url] signatures to the [url=]White Justin Smith 49ers Jersey[/url] [url=]Nike Michael Brockers Rams Jersey[/url] city clerk by deadline time.Joe and the nativists, the love that never dies.But here is Arpaio, praising this grumpy Hobbit lady to the high heavens, and offering her special protection, telling her that [url=]Kids Zach Brown Navy Jersey[/url] the [url=]Limited Charles Tillman Pink Jersey[/url] same threat detectives that protect him are at [url=]Green Fletcher Cox Eagles Jersey[/url] her beck and call.Joe Arpaio Rubs Shoulders with Minuteman Chris Simcox

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Though they disagree [url=]louboutin daffodile 160[/url] over [url=]christian louboutin tres contente alta 140mm boots black sz 11[/url] the details, in the end, both stars are thrilled to be taking this next step together.It will be the first marriage for 41yearold Justin, who split from longtime love Heidi Bivens in early 2011 after [url=]Christian Louboutin Ginevra[/url] 14 years together.A source claimed [url=]uggs nightfall chocolate[/url] the former 'Friends' actress wants a ''destination wedding, kind of like eloping with a few [url=]can you waterproof knit uggs[/url] friends. Although 43yearold Jennifer will want to ''celebrate in high [url=]ugg toddler bailey bow boot[/url] style,'' the [url=]ugg fingerless gloves[/url] friend explained: ''Justin isn't as flashy [url=]ugg leather boots 2008[/url] [url=]pink bailey bow uggs[/url] as the men she's [url=***ic-tall-ugg-boots-c_5.html]uggs cla***ic tall 5815 boots outlet sand[/url] been with in the past, so it won't [url=***ic-tall-ugg-boots-c_5.html]grey or chocolate cla***ic tall uggs[/url] go [url=]uggs snow boots[/url] too overthetop.''Featured ArticlesIn 2014 Book Thief Movie Will Transfer An Excellent, HeartWrenching Story To The Silver Screen [Trailer]The couple recently announced their engagement, and while he bridetobe would love to marry abroad, the groom is hoping [url=]kids black bailey button uggs[/url] for their nuptials to take place [url=]ugg bailey button short 5803 boots[/url] close to home.Jennifer [url=]louboutin uk sale[/url] Aniston And [url=]christian louboutin outlet sale[/url] Justin Theroux Want Different Styles For WeddingA source says of [url=]ugg coupon codes[/url] the 'Horrible Bosses' star, who divorced Brad Pitt in 2005: ''Jen is [url=]ugg leather boots 5756[/url] over the moon about [url=]knitting patterns for uggs baby booties[/url] her second chance at a [url=][/url] happy marriage. Justin is giving her a solid vow to love.''Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux both want different things for their wedding.

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A 30yard pa*** to Calvin Johnson highlighted a drive that had Detroit threatening to [url=]Nike Henry Melton Limited Jersey[/url] cut the lead to a touchdown in the final quarter. But on fourthand2 from the 4, Stafford's pa*** into the end zone went right into the arms of Toler, who with a brigade of blockers ran the length of the field for the score that made it 3110 with 5:07 to play.The Cardinals, meanwhile, found redemption a week after a 580 loss in Seattle, the most onesided defeat in franchise history.The Cardinals added a final touchdown on Wells' 31yard run after the Lions had given the ball up on downs.The Cardinals, who avoided tying [url=]Black DeAngelo Williams Game Jersey[/url] the franchise record for consecutive losses in the season, had gone 11 quarters without a touchdown before getting three of [url=]Rams Robert Quinn White Jersey[/url] them in the second quarter Sunday.Cardinals beats Lions 38Stafford, at the controls of an offense that entered the game ranked second in the NFL, was 24 of 50 for 246 yards, his secondfewest of the season. He threw for 230 in a loss to San Francisco in week two.The rookie Lindley, in his third NFL start, was 14 of 21 for 104 yards [url=]Kids Sebastian Janikowski White Jersey[/url] and one interception.Another TD by Arizona came after Detroit (410) muffed a punt.Jason Hanson's 41yard field goal cut it to 2410 with 4:11 left in the third quarter.The Arizona Cardinals waited a while for a win.Arizona managed just 196 yards of offense, but scored its most points of the season, thanks to converting four turnovers into TDs.Down 70, Arizona was forced to punt. But return man Stefan Logan, trying to make a fair catch, had [url=]Limited Steve Smith Youth Jersey[/url] his feet knocked out from under him by teammate Pat Lee, who was trying to block [url=]Nike Lamarr Houston Jersey[/url] Michael Adams. Adams chased the ball down at the Detroit 5, and Wells [url=]Youth Eddie Lacy Limited Jersey[/url] scored on the next play up the middle to tie it at 7 with 9:18 left in the half.But Johnson's big numbers were the only bright spots on an afternoon when the Lions' season turned from bad to worse.The Cardinals (59) intercepted Matthew [url=]Vikings Matt Kalil Youth Jersey[/url] Stafford three times, returning two of them for scores and setting up a TD with the other. Rashad Johnson brought [url=]John Cyprien Black Jersey[/url] back a pick 53 yards for a touchdown [url=]Limited Josh Gordon Pink Jersey[/url] to cap Arizona's 21point second quarter. Patrick Peterson's seventh interception of the season set up another score.They [url=]Donald Butler Authentic Jersey[/url] turned four turnovers by Detroit into touchdowns, including Greg Toler's 102yard interception return the longest in franchise history to beat the [url=]Pink Dan Bailey Womens Jersey[/url] Lions 3810 on Sunday and end a ninegame losing streak.Arizona's offense got three points on its own in the third quarter. Ryan Lindley's 14yard pa*** to Andre Roberts, followed [url=]Kids Danario Alexander Limited Jersey[/url] by a 13yarder to Larry Fitzgerald, set up Jay Feely's 51yard field goal that made it 247 with 9:19 left in the third quarter.Johnson caught 10 pa***es for 121 yards. With two games to play, he needs 182 yards to break Jerry Rice's NFL singleseason record of 1,848 set 17 years ago. Johnson's 3,348 yards receiving in the past two seasons are NFL record for consecutive years, one more than Rice's total in 199495.Detroit's Calvin Johnson became [url=]Orange Charles Tillman Nike Jersey[/url] the first player in NFL history with consecutive 1,600yard receiving seasons and tied an NFL record with his seventh straight 100yard receiving game.After a pair of incompletions and a false [url=]Nike Mark Sanchez Green Jersey[/url] start, the Lions had it thirdand15 [url=]Nike Phillip Taylor Pink Jersey[/url] from their 43 when Stafford threw an illadvised pa*** in the direction of Tony Scheffler. Rashad Johnson saw it [url=]Limited Craig Stevens Jersey[/url] all the way, intercepting it and running down the right sideline for the score to make it 217 [url=]Womens Pierre Thomas Elite Jersey[/url] with 30 seconds left in the half.Arizona's Beanie Wells had touchdown runs of 5, 1 and 31 yards.Two possessions later, a pair of falsestart penalties pushed the Lions back to their 2yard line. Stafford overthrew Johnson, [url=]Elite David Wilson Giants Jersey[/url] and [url=]Kids Dexter McCluster Pink Jersey[/url] Peterson made a leaping interception, falling to his backside after he caught the ball. He scrambled to his feet and returned 29 yards to the Detroit 3. Two plays later, Wells scored from the 1 and the Lions led 147.

CorusChoporie  10/13/2013

Hero Of The NFL LockoutThat would be Robert Kraft, the softspoken, silverhaired Patriots owner who fought back tears and nearly disappeared while wrapped up in that memorable hug from XXLsized player rep Jeff Saturday.Last Friday, he buried Myra, his wife of 48 years, [url=]Authentic Eric Berry Youth Jersey[/url] after a monthslong battle with cancer. For [url=]John Cyprien Green Jersey[/url] much of that time, Kraft had been shuttling back [url=]Robert Quinn Youth Jersey[/url] and forth between her hospital bed [url=]Game Glover Quin Black Jersey[/url] and the bargaining table, [url=]Elite Phillip Taylor Pink Jersey[/url] largely because he was one of the few owners the players felt they could trust. There was good reason for that, too.Yet nearly everyone involved in the talks knew something about his wife, and grew to understand what the Krafts meant to each other. That's why so many of the bargaining sessions were held in the Northeast corridor close to Kraft's base in Boston but also why Kraft's presence at most of them strengthened the resolve on both sides to get a deal done.But the lockout at last has a hero.From that thoughtful first note, what followed was mostly standard fare. [url=]Youth Gavin Escobar Navy Jersey[/url] Kraft said the league would flourish, current players would be better protected, and the retirees who built the league's foundation would not [url=]Game Brandon Pettigrew Blue Jersey[/url] be forgotten. He praised Commissioner Roger Goodell, players a***ociation chief DeMaurice Smith and player reps Domonique Foxworth and Saturday for not losing sight of "what was good for the game." About the only contribution Kraft didn't get around to mentioning was his own."I'd like to apologize to the fans, that for the last five, six months we've been talking about the business of football, not what goes on on the field," he said."A special thanks [url=]Authentic Jake Long Kids Jersey[/url] to Myra Kraft, who even in her weakest moment allowed Mr. Kraft to come and fight this out," Saturday, who plays for AFC rival Indianapolis, said moments earlier."Without him, this deal does not get done. . He's [url=]Limited Aaron Rodgers Nike Jersey[/url] a man who helped us save football."Kraft has riled fellow owners before, and more than a few guys who pla*beep* and still play for his Patriots. He likes to win and makes few bones about it. That explains [url=]Limited Hakeem Nicks Kids Jersey[/url] why he didn't flinch when he forced Bill Parcells out of New England and handing over daytoday control of the entire operation [url=]Pink Lance Moore Nike Jersey[/url] to his coldhearted coach, Bill Belichick.But it was also Kraft who stepped up and took responsibility when Belichick remember Spygate? got caught wanting to win by any means necessary. Though few people [url=]White Frostee Rucker Kids Jersey[/url] remember it now, he also relinquished [url=]Game Cam Newton Nike Jersey[/url] the draft rights to [url=]Black Rey Maualuga Game Jersey[/url] Christian Peter, a fifthround pick from Nebraska, in 1996 because of a checkered past involving violence against women. What even fewer people knew is that Kraft made the move because of Myra's persistent [url=]Tony Romo Womens Jersey[/url] intervention.Kraft is hardly the only guy who deserves credit for ending our long National (Football League) nightmare. But there was a reason his was the name people on both sides of the labor divide kept coming back to while the TV cameras rolled. Kraft's brief turn in front of the [url=]Limited Owen Daniels Kids Jersey[/url] microphones had barely begun Monday [url=]Authentic Philip Wheeler White Jersey[/url] when it became apparent why.Getting a labor agreement, considering how much Kraft, his fellow owners, his [url=]White Mychal Kendricks Limited Jersey[/url] players and everybody else connected to the NFL will profit, hardly qualifies as an unselfish act. But make no mistake: at a time when he had much more important things tugging at his heart, just by showing up, Kraft taught everyone else sitting around the table that some sacrifices are worth making.Kindly provide some sources indicating that he dislikes Obama. Secondly, he runs the operation like a business and has a track record to prove it. Just because he cuts players who others feel would deserve more money does not mean the players are actually worth that much money. The rest just fizzled away."Grace" is a term we throw around in sports with little more thought than some of the lazy spirals that will be arcing over practice fields in 32 towns when training camps open later this week. Remember that when footballs start filling up [url=]Nike Jeremy Maclin Authenitc Jersey[/url] the air again."We couldn't have done this," he told Kraft, "without you."It didn't hurt, of course, that Kraft already had a re*beep*tion as one [url=]Jordy Nelson Game Jersey[/url] of the few owners willing to speak his mind. And his quip, "We need to get the lawyers out of the way," probably did more to bring about a resumption of facetoface talks between a select group of owners and players than all the threats of legal action. So it came as little surprise that Smith, the NFLPA's executive director, felt it necessary to echo what Saturday had said only moments earlier.

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As [url=]Womens Stevie Brown Red Jersey[/url] disappointingas it may be to see a team reconstruct after being contenders early in the season, it is important to improve the team now and in the future. If the Indians aren going to be able to afford Choo, Perez, or Masterson after this season, the front officeshould consider receiving something for them before they depart in free agency. This reoccurring process of sending away star players for prospects is getting old for the fans, but that the business part of the game. A small market team needs to win a championship early in the process to avoid their stars departures.In the Pirates farm system, there one prospect who really stands out. Starling Marte is a 23yearold outfielder who has turned into one of the [url=]Mens Brian Cushing Jersey[/url] best prospects in the league. He excels in the [url=]Kids Dez Bryant Game Jersey[/url] field and hits for average, and [url=]Womens Matt Flynn Limited Jersey[/url] more maturity has brought on some power. Also, the Pirates have two of the top ten prospects in [url=]Red Owen Daniels Womens Jersey[/url] pitchers Jameson Taillon and Gerrit Cole. Both pitchers are a year or two away from being in the majors, but their potential is extremely high. If the Indians can acquire two of the three mentioned, they would [url=]Orange James Harrison Bengals Jersey[/url] have [url=]Elite Andy Dalton Black Jersey[/url] no [url=]Black Heath Miller Jersey[/url] choice but to accept that deal.Perez could be packing soonAfter defeating the Tigers at home on Thursday, confidence was flourishing throughout the Indians clubhouse and the city. The Tribe had just won a series against the first place Tigers to inch closer to the wild card and Central Division top spot. Unfortunately, their confidence was too high.As for Masterson, he hasn lived up to the Cy Young type year he had last season. The Rangers could be the potential destination or he could be heading back to the Red Sox. Since this rumor just came out, it appears unlikely that the Indians willdeal him, but if the Rangers are highly pursuing him with top notch prospects, anything is possible.The Texas Rangers have shown interest in Choo and Masterson, but Masterson struggled last game when both the Red Sox and Rangers were watching. The Pirates havealso been targeting Choo while the Giants have talked to the Indians front office about Perez. Chris Antonetti has the advantage in these trade talks because the players on the block are all signed through 2013. With that advantage, he can back a now team into a corner where they have [url=]Youth Rey Maualuga Game Jersey[/url] to give up a top prospect.Suddenly, the Indians haveturned from contenders to sellers as the trade deadline approaches. Names that have popped up in trade rumors include Shin Soo Choo, Justin Masterson,and Chris Perez. All three players would require the Indians trading partner to include some of their top prospects because Choo, Masterson,and Perez are signed through next year with arbitration.Perez is second in the league in saves, so his value is extremely high especially for a team like the Giants looking to add another pitcher in the bullpen. Several believe the [url=]Red Justin Tuck Nike Jersey[/url] Indians wouldn have any issues replacing Perez with Vinnie Pestano success as the set up man. That may be [url=]Kids Jonathan Vilma Game Jersey[/url] true, but there is no questioning Perez skill as the closer. He may worry some [url=]Black David DeCastro Nike Jersey[/url] late in games, but he gets the job done.For Choo, the Indians should go for a top pitcher and [url=]Green Jermichael Finley Elite Jersey[/url] outfielder in the organization. Choo is 30 years old, and if the Indians can get a younger version of Choo, that be a win for a team that won contend [url=]Womens Aaron Rodgers Packers Jersey[/url] this year.The [url=]Elite Matt Forte Pink Jersey[/url] Giants would also have to offer a spectacular deal for Antonetti to part [url=]Nike Justin Durant Jersey[/url] ways with his AllStar closer. A dealwith prospects like outfielders Gary Brown or Francisco Pegueroand pitcher Heath Hembreewould be tough to refuse.As for the Rangers, they [url=]Elite Marques Colston Black Jersey[/url] have some legitimate prospects at pitcher (Martin Perez)and outfield (Leonys Martin), but the Pirates can [url=]Elite Dre Kirkpatrick Bengals Jersey[/url] create a better offer. Those two prospects can be used for the Masterson deal.A [url=]Rod Streater Authentic Jersey[/url] day after knocking out the best team in the Central, [url=]Elite Kevin Burnett White Jersey[/url] the Indians traveled to Minnesota to face the worst team in the division. Three days later, the Indians now find themselves swept by the Twins and 6.0 games back from the division title.

TrorShoofetop  10/10/2013

The Cardinals, who last appeared in NFL title game 61 years ago when the team pla*beep* in Chicago, now await the winner of the AFC championship between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens later Sunday."I knew I just had to do my job, stay grounded and not get too emotional," Fitzgerald told reporters. "We've got another game to go."To come back here, when everybody [url=]White Jairus Byrd Nike Jersey[/url] had counted us out, [url=]Youth Mark Herzlich Blue Jersey[/url] everybody had counted [url=]Game James Casey White Jersey[/url] me out, and everybody told us every single week, the Cardinals don't have a chance against Atlanta, the Cardinals don't have a change against [url=]Men's Aldrick Robinson Limited White Jersey[/url] Carolina.GLENDALE, Arizona (Reuters) Kurt Warner tossed three firsthalf touchdowns to Larry Fitzgerald as the Arizona Cardinals edged the Philadelphia Eagles 3225 in the NFC title game on Sunday, booking their first trip to the Super Bowl.The Cardinals finally broke [url=]Kids Ndamukong Suh Lions Jersey[/url] out of their second half slump with just under three minutes to play, Warner capping a 72yard drive with an eightyard screen pa*** to Tim Hightower to retake [url=]Youth Ziggy Ansah White Jersey[/url] the lead 3225 with the help of a twopoint conversion.The surehanded Fitzgerald finished the day with nine catches for 152yards and earned a line in the NFL record book becoming the first player [url=]Geno Atkins Orange Jersey[/url] to score three touchdowns in the first half of conference championship game.The 37yearold Warner, who went from bagging groceries to league and Super Bowl MVP honors with the St Louis [url=]Nike Christine Michael Navy Jersey[/url] Rams before [url=]Nike Darren Sproles Kids Jersey[/url] returning to [url=]White Joe Thomas Womens Jersey[/url] obscurity, has found new life in Phoenix and combined with Fitzgerald on one, nine and 62yard touchdown strikes in the opening [url=]Youth Eli Manning Jersey[/url] half.Philadelphia continued their fight back in the fourth, McNabb finding DeSean Jackson with a 62yard bomb, the wide receiver bobbling the ball before gaining control and racing into the end zone to give the Eagles their first lead of the game 2524.Cardinals edge Eagles to book Super Bowl berthA Neil Rackers 49yard field goal on [url=]Game Sam Bradford Womens Jersey[/url] the final play of the half gave the Cardinals what appeared to be a commanding 246 advantage going into [url=]Nike Curtis Lofton White Jersey[/url] the intermission."This one's sweet, this one's special.""I really didn't know anything at that time in my career."The games are getting bigger, but we're going to keep our heads [url=]Nike D'Brickashaw Ferguson Green Jersey[/url] down, keep leaning on each other, keep [url=]Nike Chase Blackburn Pink Jersey[/url] fighting,"Philadelphia's [url=]Nike Curtis Lofton Game Jersey[/url] early points were provided by a pair of David Akers field goals."We want to get back to work tomorrow, enjoy this victory tonight and just keep pushing,"I just want to say 'Arizona Cardinals and Super Bowl' in the same sentence, because I like the way [url=]Josh Freeman Jersey[/url] that sounds," quipped Warner, who led the Rams to Super Bowl victory in 1999 and lost with them in the NFL championship game two years later.The Eagles, making their fifth appearance in the [url=]Youth Marcedes Lewis Limited Jersey[/url] NFC title game in eight years, finally found the end zone late in the third, Donovan McNabb rifling a sixyard touchdown strike to Brent Celek trimming the Arizona lead to [url=]Nike Brandon Myers Blue Jersey[/url] 2413.The AllPro receiver also replaced Jerry Rice as the most successful receiver in a single postseason with 419 yards.Arizona will now have a chance to end the second longest championship drought in North American sport when they take the field for Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa Bay on February 1.McNabb and Celek hooked up again on a 31yard touchdown in [url=]Titans Zach Brown Limited Jersey[/url] the final seconds of the quarter to slice the deficit to 2419, sending a shudder through the capacity crowd of more than 70,000 at University of Phoenix Stadium."When we accomplished that, it's really, really special.

Gaftstace  10/09/2013

Brady had fun last night thanks to a stupid last [url=]White D'Brickashaw Ferguson Womens Jersey[/url] minute Buffalo Bills fumble?Joe Montana oozed confidence with the game on the line to the point where he spotted actor John Candy in the crowd just before leading the San Francisco 49ers on a gamewinning drive late in Super Bowl XXIII and Tom Brady was in his element [url=]Vikings Greg Jennings Kids Jersey[/url] as he led New England to a comefrombehind win against Buffalo on Monday.Better analysis next time please.Comment number 3. At 13:42 15th Sep 2009, Neil Reynolds wrote: raineman14. that is a fair point. But I have said for a while I think Flacco will be good this year. What I have noticed most is a change in his demeanour and attitude. Word out of Baltimore is that he has matured rapidly over the past year and is oozing confidence.Comment number 1. At 13:10 15th Sep 2009, raineman14 wrote: Good analysis. To be fair [url=]Blue Tavon Austin Youth Jersey[/url] [url=]Will Smith Elite Jersey[/url] though, the KC [url=]Limited Ryan Tannehill Jersey[/url] defense is really not a good barometer for how far Flacco has come.And if the Ravens boast a freescoring attack to pair with their [url=]Youth Dustin Keller Elite Jersey[/url] punishing defence, the rest of the NFL better look out.And it was great to get so many texts and messages from our listeners. You can send us your thoughts during [url=]Rian Lindell Game Jersey[/url] this week's show by joining our . Keep them coming.In our studio, Arlo and I had the GiantsRedskins game on one monitor, our main game San Francisco at Arizona on another screen and a computer hookup to all the statistics and storylines from Week 1. In other words, it was every NFL fan's dream.Brady [url=]Vikings Jared Allen Black Jersey[/url] 97.3Comment number 2. At 13:39 15th Sep 2009, bhughes1 wrote: [url=]Ryan Tannehill Elite Jersey[/url] Good Analysis? Wha?Joe Flacco is the real dealFlacco was also content to follow imposing linebacker Ray Lewis. Not this year. The 24yearold has matured impressively, understands what it takes to succeed as an NFL quarterback on and off the field and has taken it upon himself to become a leader.For starters, jeans and a comfy tshirt were the order of the day no need to worry about suit and tie rotation with this gig. [url=]Wholesale Chicago Bears Jerseys China[/url] And after arriving at the [url=]Pink Tyron Smith Limited Jersey[/url] studio, I got straight on with watching the early games being pla*beep* around the NFL. I didn't need to have my face plastered with makeup.Some selected QB Ratings from alst [url=]Authenitc BJ Raji Nike Jersey[/url] weekend:Succeeding at quarterback comes down to mental toughness and I'm not just talking [url=]Nike Darren McFadden Limited Jersey[/url] [url=]Game Richie Incognito Youth Jersey[/url] [url=]Ryan Clark Authentic Jersey[/url] about knowing the plays. The very best quarterbacks thrive [url=][/url] in pressure situations they [url=]White Garrett Hartley Jersey[/url] live for it.Flacco comes of age against Kansas City? And compared here to Joe Montana?Americans have a wonderful term to describe quarterbacks they talk about "moxie". Montana had it by the bucketload, the [url=]Green Dwight Lowery Limited Jersey[/url] same goes for Brady. If Flacco continues to develop his moxie and leadership to go alongside his undoubted physical [url=]Black Lawrence Timmons Nike Jersey[/url] skills, he could enjoy a big season.Comment number 4. At 13:58 15th Sep 2009, Ravens_Defense_DOW_SAVE_606 wrote: Bhughes Brady, Brees are Vets and dont need to come of age.I had an absolute blast working with Arlo White in London and Greg Brady [url=]Pink Chris Myers Texans Jersey[/url] at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.Complain about this comment (Comment number 2)That has to help the Ravens this season. But yes, let's see what he does against the San Diego Chargers this weekend. That will certainly be a sterner test.Drew Brees 137.0He didnt actually directly compare Flacco to Montana because anyone can see thats just stupidty. He just used Montana as an example of someone who had confidence in his ability which all the great QB's have.Complain about this comment (Comment number 1)Joe Flacco 95.8Eli Manning 93.5The real coming of age cla*** act Quarter Back performance was Drew Brees. Brilliant!Complain about this comment (Comment number 3)

CorusChoporie  10/07/2013

Cheap Outdoor Furniture IdeasRepurposingRepurposing is a great way to give a fresh new look to furniture [url=]Pink Ndamukong Suh Youth Jersey[/url] you already own, [url=]Kids Ace Sanders Green Jersey[/url] or to used furniture that is worn or dated. Weathered wood furniture [url=]Seahawks Doug Baldwin Grey Jersey[/url] always looks good outside. You can distress newer furniture with [url=]Pink Dez Bryant Cowboys Jersey[/url] a bad finish simply and [url=]Victor Cruz Authentic Jersey[/url] easily by stripping it and lightly applying a white wash. For a lowcost bistro set, look for an [url=]Womens Derrick Morgan Nike Jersey[/url] indoor dining set with metal chair and table frames; the ripped upholstery is easily replaced or [url=]Navy Garrett Graham Authentic Jersey[/url] hidden with store bought seat cushions. Finally, new [url=]Nike Kevin Kolb Bills Jersey[/url] benches are expensive but old church pews are plentiful and cheap. You [url=]Panthers Brandon LaFell Blue Jersey[/url] can easily transform an old pew into a new outdoor bench with a bright paint job, a new matte finish and a patterned or solid colored cushion.The [url=]Men's Kevin Vickerson Elite White Jersey[/url] next time you take an outdoor day trip, check the cla***ifieds for the local paper; resort areas [url=]Fletcher Cox Jersey[/url] are a hotbed for deals on outdoor furniture as temporary residents [url=]Nike Ziggy Hood Steelers Jersey[/url] move and remodel [url=]Black Cordarrelle Patterson Nike Jersey[/url] frequently.If you want an outdoor space that is as welcoming as your living room, but you do not have the budget to invest [url=]Nike D'Brickashaw Ferguson Youth Jersey[/url] in big ticket furniture [url=]Limited Star Lotulelei Pink Jersey[/url] items, there are still ways you can create an attractive outdoor area. These days getting good [url=]Limited DeAngelo Williams Jersey[/url] deals on furniture is easy if you know where to look; here are three good and cheap outdoor furniture ideas.Getting attractive outdoor furniture does not have to put a strain on your budget. By shopping [url=]Limited Adrian Peterson Pink Jersey[/url] flea markets, garage sales, auctions and Craigslist, and cleverly repurposing old and dated furniture you can get pieces that look a lot more expensive than they actually were brand new.Buying usedYou know that anything purchased retail loses a significant portion of its resale value the moment it leaves the store. The same is especially true of outdoor furniture because it is not a necessity like a bed or couch. For that reason, finding great